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When you flip bats upside down they become exceptionally sassy dancers.

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Gotta keep feeding the creative spirit.



DIY Cute Containers From Plastic Bottles : Denise Meneghello

Using an iron to smooth out pretty recycled bottle containers is pretty clever. I have yet to try it, so I’m not sure if it leaves any bits on your iron, but I can’t see a quick melt leaving behind anything that couldn’t be cleaned off when cooled down.

The tutorial is in Portugese (I believe) but the photos are pretty self explanatory.

But don’t wreck your iron…

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Trying sumi on moleskine for first time. Works better than I thought lol #day 158 #daily #sketch #challenge #art #illustration #drawing #doodle #sketching #sketchbook #ink #brush #painting #sumi #moleskine #horse his name is marquis

Cell phone sketch

There’s nothing triumphant about an artichoke.

Pentel pocket brush pen, photographed and edited on a cell phone.

Good night Boston

Cell phone sketch


Harry Styles patch for my lady, Rachel (rachelruff.tumblr.com)…Because nothing says “BFF Forever” like “Hey, here’s a patch with your favorite member of One Direction stitched onto it!”


By popular request, the Cthulhu design is now available in 8 different colors, and can be printed on 13 different types of fabric, as well as wallpaper and gift wrap. I’m so glad it’s taken off like it has! I love seeing what you guys are making.

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Collection, Christine Berrie

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Argentina Cover with nice advertising head (vet anti-mange medicine), franked by GJ.471 520 521 x2 (total 24c.) and sent to Germany on 11/JUN/1920. The 5c. stamps were not considered valid as postage for international mail and they were not cancelled in origin, they were datestamped upon arrival in Hamburg 23/JUL/20, VF quality, very interesting, market value US$ US$75/100 Lot condition Dealer
Guillermo Jalil-Philatino Auction
Starting Price:
NO RESERVE (via Philasearch.com - Argentina)

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