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Trying sumi on moleskine for first time. Works better than I thought lol #day 158 #daily #sketch #challenge #art #illustration #drawing #doodle #sketching #sketchbook #ink #brush #painting #sumi #moleskine #horse his name is marquis

Cell phone sketch

There’s nothing triumphant about an artichoke.

Pentel pocket brush pen, photographed and edited on a cell phone.

Good night Boston

Cell phone sketch


Harry Styles patch for my lady, Rachel (rachelruff.tumblr.com)…Because nothing says “BFF Forever” like “Hey, here’s a patch with your favorite member of One Direction stitched onto it!”


By popular request, the Cthulhu design is now available in 8 different colors, and can be printed on 13 different types of fabric, as well as wallpaper and gift wrap. I’m so glad it’s taken off like it has! I love seeing what you guys are making.

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Collection, Christine Berrie

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Argentina Cover with nice advertising head (vet anti-mange medicine), franked by GJ.471 520 521 x2 (total 24c.) and sent to Germany on 11/JUN/1920. The 5c. stamps were not considered valid as postage for international mail and they were not cancelled in origin, they were datestamped upon arrival in Hamburg 23/JUL/20, VF quality, very interesting, market value US$ US$75/100 Lot condition Dealer
Guillermo Jalil-Philatino Auction
Starting Price:
NO RESERVE (via Philasearch.com - Argentina)



I shine.
Literally: I’m a little sun.

An economy of line with great expression

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